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 Vault of Glass Drops

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Vault of Glass Drops Empty
PostSubject: Vault of Glass Drops   Vault of Glass Drops EmptyThu Oct 16, 2014 2:15 pm

Raid Gear

All of this has been stolen shamelessly from the Destiny subreddit...

You obtain all sorts of items from the Vault of Glass, including Ascendant Energy, Ascendant Shards, Legendary/Exotic Weapons, and Raid Gear. Below you'll find the items you may receive in addition to each set for each class. Items can be received from:

  • The 1st Chest after unlocking the Vault.
  • After clearing Phase 2 of the Templar fight (Oracles).
  • After defeating the Templar
  • From the left chest in the Gorgons' Labyrinth
  • From the right chest in the Gorgons' Labyrinth
  • After defeating the Gatekeepers
  • After defeating Atheon
  • Additionally, there is a chest in a hole to the left of the Templar which provides Spirit Bloom. There is also a "5th Chest" in the secret pathway from this chest.

Note - Completing the Vault of Glass on Hard Mode before Normal Mode will reap "double rewards" much like completing the Weekly Heroic at Level 28 includes the rewards for Level 22/26. Doing this will result in no rewards when doing the same checkpoints in Normal Mode, ie; if you've cleared up to the Gatekeeper in Hard Mode but defeat Atheon in Normal Mode you'll receive the loot from Atheon still.


Atheon's Epilogue, Legendary Auto Rifle
Corrective Measure, Legendary Machine Gun
Fatebringer, Legendary Hand Cannon (Hard Mode)
Found Verdict, Legendary Shotgun
Hezen Vengeance, Legendary Rocket Launcher
Praedyth's Revenge, Legendary Sniper Rifle
Praedyth's Timepiece, Legendary Pulse Rifle (Hard Mode)
Praetorian Foil, Legendary Fusion Rifle (Hard Mode)
Vision of Confluence, Legendary Scout Rifle
Gjallarhorn, Exotic Rocket Launcher
Hard Light, Exotic Auto Rifle
Ice Breaker, Exotic Sniper Rifle
MIDA Multi-Tool, Exotic Scout Rifle
Monte Carlo, Exotic Auto Rifle
Patience and Time, Exotic Sniper Rifle
Plan C, Exotic Fusion Rifle
Red Death, Exotic Pulse Rifle
Suros Regime, Exotic Auto Rifle
The Last Word, Exotic Hand Cannon
Thunderlord, Exotic Machine Gun
Truth, Exotic Rocket Launcher
Universal Remote, Exotic Shotgun
Vex Mythoclast, Exotic Fusion Rifle (Hard Mode)


Light of the Great Prism, Legendary Titan Badge
Shattered Vault Cloak, Legendary Hunter Cloak
Fragment of the Prime, Legendary Warlock Bond
Chatterwhite, Legendary Armor Shader
XVO Timebreaker, Legendary Sparrow
Glass Minuet, Legendary Ship
Aspect of Glass, Legendary Ship (Hard Mode)

***I'll add links to the items below eventually.

Titan - Brown Set

Battlecage of Kabr, Obtained in Hard Mode
Kabr's Brazen Grips
Kabr's Wrath
Kabr's Forceful Greaves

Titan - Blue Set (Currently Unavailable)

Faceguard of Kabr
Kabr's Defending Grasp
Kabr's Might
Kabr's Lifegiving Treads

Hunter - Brown Set

Prime Zealot Helm, Obtained in Hard Mode
Prime Zealot Gloves
Prime Zealot Cuirass
Prime Zealot Greaves

Hunter - Blue Set (Currently Unavailable)

Mantic Zealot Helm
Mantic Zealot Gloves
Mantic Zealot Cuirass
Mantic Zealot Greaves

Warlock - Brown Set

Façade of the Hezen Lords, Obtained in Hard Mode
Gloves of the Hezen Lords
Cuirass of the Hezen Lords
Tread of the Hezen Lords

Warlock - Blue Set (Currently Unavailable)

Cowl of the Hezen Lords
Grips of the Hezen Lords
Robe of the Hezen Lords
Boots of the Hezen Lords

Best.  Cutscene.  Ever.
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Vault of Glass Drops Frankthetoad
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Vault of Glass Drops
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