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 If you accidentally an NPC...

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If you accidentally an NPC... Empty
PostSubject: If you accidentally an NPC...   If you accidentally an NPC... EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 7:31 am

So I killed the Pyromancer last night. I thought he was an enemy and shot him with an arrow. Like Demon's Souls, if you attack an NPC, they're bulldogs and will not forgive you...

What I didn't realize is that if you DON'T kill them, you can get them back to normal:

Go to the bell tower after the fight with the gargoyles. I haven't beaten them yet, so I don't know who you pay. No more angry NPC. If you've killed them, no luck.

The price of absolution apparently scales with your levels. So be very careful cause this could be VERY expensive to correct. The post where I found this said the price was 40,000 souls at level 20. That ain't chump change. At 11:12 in the video.

Best.  Cutscene.  Ever.
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If you accidentally an NPC... Frankthetoad
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If you accidentally an NPC...
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